Monday, September 21, 2009

Stupid Grass...

So we bought a new house and moved into it on August 1st. We've only rented before, so we didn't own a lawnmower. We had a guy come by every month or so at our last rental house and mow the lawn. Well, our new yard is substantially larger, so he doubled the price he was charging. We drew the line at that. He mowed it once over 3 weeks ago, and we decided we wouldn't have him do it again. So when we got back from Jamaica, our grass was ridiculously high. Yesterday we bit the bullet and dropped over $250 on a lawnmower.

I came home from work today ready to feel like a homeowner. I still had plenty of daylight left, so I tore the lawnmower out of the box and started putting it together. Chris and I fairly quickly realized that it wasn't set up properly. After struggling with it for awhile, we gave up. Now we're going to have to take the stupid thing back to Lowe's and get a new one. I am REALLY not looking forward to putting it back in my car since it must weigh 100 lbs. And have I mentioned Chris' back is really hurt and he can't lift anything? Ugh.

What the hell do I do since my grass is almost knee-high at this point?? Stupid grass.

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Anonymous said...

If it's that high a push mower likely can't do the job and if it were me, I wouldn't want to possible break a new mower with that big a job. You probably need to have someone clean it up for you and use your new mower weekly to maintain. BTW you need to mow weekly not monthly. Congrats on the wedding and new home! Sara

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